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About us

Rodanthe MotoTours-IMM is a company created by Carlos Gohringer Barrenechea. Heiress of IMM Rent and Tours, recognized company in the world of motorcycle travel. The path created by IMM continues now under the name Rodanthe MotoTours maintaining the basic pillars that have made it recognizable:

- Transmit passion for motorcycle trips.

- We have a lot of experience in the motorcycle world.

- We are multilingual.

- Gift of people.

- Accustomed to guiding groups.

- Biker destinations par excellence.

- Careful design of the routes. Highlighted by its paths, landscapes and its scarce traffic.

- Small groups

- Quality

- Seriousness.

- Closeness of the staff.

Carlos Gohringer

Carlos was instilled with motorcycling from a very young age from his family environment, his father being a great biker. His first motorcycle was a Montesa Cota 49 at the age of 9, starting with it in the trial because it was a very popular discipline at the time being very easy to practice anywhere without having legal problems; Not like today.

Since then he has had many bikes of many different types, although the majority focused on being able to make great distances.

He has also dedicated most of his vacation periods to go motorcycle trip so it is difficult to find somewhere where he has not been. In Europe: North Cape, Corsica, Alps, Tuscany, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, etc. In Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Mali, crossing part of the Ténéré desert, etc. In America: Florida, Chile, reaching Patagonia, etc.

He has worked for many years in airlines and travel agencies and for 7 years in IMM, now Rodanthe MotoTours.

In Rodanthe MotoTours-IMM has played the main functions. From the design with care of each of the routes, exercising Roadleader in many of the tours and also taking care of the commercial section. By extension, take the processing of all necessary documentation for all trips we organize.