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Rental Conditions

1 .- The driver has the physical and mental conditions for driving the vehicle is rented.

2 .- The driver is responsible for not driving the vehicle under the influence of any drug and/or alcohol, and under the influence of any drugs that may impair their faculties when driving. Shall, in this respect, met all the regulations contained on this topic in the Spanish highway code.

3 .- The driver must have for driving licenses for big motorcycles older than 3 years. The minimum age for rental is 24 years.

4 .- The driver/Consultant shall undertake to carry, while driving the rented bike Rodanthe, motorcycle clothing suitable for driving. Wearing a helmet is always required.

5. - The customer or lessee shall be responsible for any damage caused by improper handling of the motorcycle. Rodanthe Moto Tours will be free of liability in all cases where the client can cause damage or injury to persons or himself irrespective of its cause. The driver is under current legislation being responsible for all damages that knowingly or unknowingly caused from motorcycle rental. Therefore, at the time of hire, the hirer / client agrees to leave out Rodanthe Moto Tours to any claim for damages that may arise.

6. The tenant / customer notes that the company Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. has liability insurance. And a contracted insurance for rented motorcycle with an excess of EUR 350.- (BMW models). This amount will be charged the driver in case of accident and / or injury. To this end, the company Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. shall recover that amount to the customer via credit card as a deposit at the time of formalizing the lease. In case of accident, this should be reported immediately to the police. The tenant must provide the clarification of the situation and what happened to officially listed. Upon completion of the rental and after checking that there has been damage, the amount will be refunded in full to the same credit card customer.

7. The customer authorized to Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. to use that credit card as security for any damage to third parties that may arise, to deliver the bike without a full tank of gas, a possible fine which may occur or possible police custody .. The amount to be charged shall be consistent with debts specified in the relevant invoices. Damage to the motorcycle itself are not covered by third party insurance thereof and shall be charged to the card and / or deposit following the same procedure.

8 .- The driver always agrees to take responsibility for all the fines or fees that could reach a posteriori but nevertheless mentioned refer to the vehicle while it was leased by the applicant or when referring to the driver directly. Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. shall be exempt from all such late fees.

9. - In case of theft of the motorcycle during the rental, the renter will be responsible for collection proceeding Rodanthe final deposit. Keep in mind that insurance is not responsible after finding negligent behavior, such as having left the bike parked without having closed the address or have left the key in the ignition.

10 .- You will be billed to the tenant/client any additional transport service that need to organize because the same client. For example: stay in the middle of the road without gas, etc.

11 .- The rented motorcycle may be used only on roads open to traffic and/or paved roads where vehicles are authorized. Not allowed to race or use the bikes for rent for them.

12 .- The documentation of the bike should never (registration certificate, technical inspection slip, secure copy) left in it. When parking, always use the closing direction and take the key.

13 .- They can not go on a motorbike children under 12 years since the law so specified.

14 .- The vehicle is rented to a single driver / ay that person can only drive during your rental. May not be provided to third parties under any circumstances.

15. - The motorcycle, by rental start will be delivered with a full tank. Must be returned to IMM Rent and Tous also with a full tank of gasoline. If not done, there will be a fee of EUR 30. - 

16 .- Warnings and considerations of negligence on the part of Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. according to motorcycle safety and international driving laws:
a) Driving on a wheel, either front or rear. Do stunts or wheelies and damage to third parties for these practices.
b) Ignoring the warning signs and / or informers of the bike causing them to malfunction or get no work at all.
c) damage to third parties by not paying attention to road conditions for which we are circulating at this time. That is, driving carelessly.
d) The guided tours, raiding at different speeds. It can be equally dangerous very quickly move very slowly in the circumstances.

17. - If it is considered that the participant or client does not meet the minimum requirements for driving a motorcycle rented, Rodanthe reserves the right to exclude and cancel this contract, reimbursing the amount applicable. Please note that as a customer, renting a motorcycle requires greater involvement on their part. Note that probably the bike model is a model that will lead you and it usually leads not do it for a road that does not know or does not circulate normally.

Summarizing the rules of the contract, by signing, the customer agrees that assumes the risk involved renting a motorcycle and make a tour / route with her.
At the same time, the client have to comply with the traffic regulations.

19. - Mileage:
Unlimited hiring standard fare. Limited to 100 km per day in special fare. By Special fare additional charge of EUR 0.40 per extra km.

20. - Booking and payment: by credit card through partner sites and IMM Rent and Tours directly. In Mallorca headquarters also be made exclusively by bank transfer and / or cash.

21. - Duration of contract: the minimum is 1 day, applicable from Monday through Friday. Weekends, minimum 2 days, collected Friday afternoon (or Saturday morning only in Mallorca) and returning Monday morning.

22. - Rodanthe Moto Tours reserves the right to change the model chosen-booked by another due to force majeure (collision damage waiver, theft, etc.).

23. - Cancellations: - 61 days or more before, without costs.
                              - 60 to 31 days earlier, 50% cancellation fee.
                              - 30 to 16 days earlier, 75% cancellation fee.
                              - 15 or less days before, 100% of expenses.

24. - To use the rented bike by trips to Europe, the organization should be specified informed in advance. The bike can not be used in any other continent.

25. - Rodanthe Moto Tours is committed to deliver the bike in perfect condition for driving. The client must recognize and accept pre-existing damage. These will only be valid if they are recorded in advance on the specific sheet it.

26. - If necessary to make any repairs to the bike during your rental to keep running properly, the tenant must be expressly authorized by the lessor.

27. - EUR 25. - ar charged additional if the the return of the bike is made ​​after business hours of Rodanthe Moto Tours or their representatives. This amount will be paid at the time of the return of the bikes. Look at the schedule time of your correspondent office.

28.-Rodanthe Moto Tours reserves the right at any typographical or translation errors.

29. - Once rented the bike, the customer can request an extension of the rental period. To do so, in advance, contact the organization (via Mail or TF) Rodanthe or collaborators in the center where the rent is made ​​to the relevant application.
The organization will authorize the extension or not depending on the availability of the vehicle. This will be done in writing via E-Mail and / or fax.

Important! Should NOT have such authority or you have not received, it shall return as specified in the original contract period.

Important! Not having received any reply to the request implies that the extension of rent is not authorized.

30. - Failure to return the bike at the date and time specified in the contract and failure by the organization automatically assumes:

      A / The application rate of 1 day for each day of delay in deliver
           the bike.
      B / Additionally charging a penalty of EUR 600. -
      C / IMM organization and / or partners is authorized to make additional charges
           to the credit card provided for rental.
      D / These additional charges are independent of the deposit paid on account
         the time of establishment of the original contract.