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Condiciones legales Tours



1. -   The client requests to participate in a tour organized by Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. both in Mallorca, as in the rest of Spain and Europe or other places where relevant and where the organization acts as a companion. The participation may be the property of the customer bike (in this case only would hire the services of tour only) or including a bike rental Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L.

2. -   The notification must be made through the website of IMM Rent and Tours, SL or associated web, also via e-mail directly. The contract will begin to have effect once the customer has received confirmation of Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. If the confirmation differs from that originally requested by the customer, IMM has a period of 15 days to send the new confirmation.

3. -    Having received the correct confirmation, the applicant must confirm that you agree with the data. That will mean that the customer, from that point, you acknowledge having read the general rules of our travel management, have understood them and accepted without any conditions.

4. -   The customer will facilitate your personal information necessary for the corresponding tour reservation. Rodanthe is NOT allowed in any case give the personal data to third parties except to our affiliates.
 The rules of the data protection law will be apply.


1. -     Upon receipt of the request, the customer will receive from Rodanthe Moto Tours a confirmation of the reservation. The customer must pay a deposit of EUR 500. - for tours whose sales amount exceeds EUR 1000. - For tours costing less than EUR 1000. - the deposit is EUR 250. -

2. -     Payment should be made by credit card. Bank transfer or cash will only be possible in our headquarters in Mallorca.
 Reserves generated through partner sites must follow the payment process stipulated by them.

3. -    The payment of the total amount of the reservation must be completed not later than 31 days before the expected date of commencement of the rental.


1. -   The services provided by Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. are only those that are described on the website or in the prospectus and / or that apply to each tour.

2. -   Weather situations or general information on the specific situation in the country is not part of this contract.

3. -   Any additional or special agreement could be made with the customer should be added to this agreement in writing.

4. -   If you consider that the participant or customer does not meet the minimum conditions to participate on a motorcycle tour, Rodanthe reserves the right to exclude and cancel this contract, reimbursing the amount applicable.


On the client: 

1. -   The customer may cancel your reservation at any time. The request for cancellation must be in writing to Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. as soon as possible to try to avoid as many cancellation fees.

2. -   If the customer decides to cancel your booking, authorizing Rodanthe Moto Tours, SL to recover this compensation as a cancellation fee according to the following table. The percentage is applied to the total amount of the reserve for the contract in question. The date to remember is the beginning of the provision of the contract (tour start):

-   With 91 days or more in advance: no cancellation fees. - From 90-61 days before: 25% of fees.. - 60 to 31-day supply before: 50% of fees. - From 30-15 days before: 75% of fees.
- From 14 to 1 day before: 100% of fees.

3. -   Clarification: in the event that a customer does not turn up for a tour is not entitled to cancel the contract and therefore to refund the amount already paid.

On the part of Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L.:

Rodanthe Moto Tours may cancel the contract if:

a) When a customer does not pay the amount into the periods indicated.
b) When it is confirmed that the customer does not meet the appropriate requirements to drive the bikes to go on one of our tours.
c) When the customer possesses drugs or try to get them.

To cancel the contract shall be valid or the Roadleader opinion or the opinion of a Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. employee.

4. -   When in the case of the organization of a tour or trip not reached the minimum number of participants to organize. In this case, the total amount of the tour which has been paid would be returned to the customer in full by bank transfer. Apart from this, Rodanthe Moto Tours, SL will not be responsible for other responsibilities.

Both sides 

In the event that, after having made a contract with Rodanthe Moto Tours, route, tour or planned trip could not be done by force majeure (eg natural disasters, strikes, etc, etc) or would be much more difficult to perform them in that case both the client may Rodanthe Moto Tours proceed to termination.
In this case, the customer may request from Rodanthe, depending on contracted services relevant cancellation charges that may arise nonetheless. Additional costs for the return transport, either before or after unforeseen events, will be borne half by Rodanthe Moto Tours and the client. The other additional costs in such cases shall be borne by the customer.

Unclaimed Services:
In the event that for reasons whatsoever, the client does not come to claim anything to date the beginning of the trip and this will not take part in it, afterwards you can not make any claim or requesting a refund of the total or partial.
Having participated in a tour or journey but having enjoyed a few services already paid, no claim partial repayment of the amount for those services.


    Rodanthe Moto Tours, S.L. responsibility in the context of the responsibility as manager acquired the correct preparation, selection and monitoring of all service providers involved in any contracted routes. Will also be responsible for compliance with the standards set in the contract between the customer and Rodanthe Moto Tours. The responsibility is assumed in the contract price established. The responsibility of Rodanthe Moto Tours are excluded accidents. Each participant is responsible for their own safety and their ability and driving. Even when you go in a group and following a Roadleader.

For tours in which the participant sees her own bike will take into account the following rules:

-   Each participant will be responsible for further technical condition of your motorcycle (wheels, MOT, insurance, etc.).

-   Each participant wheel according to European standards for the movement of motorcycles.

-   Any traffic violation will be given by the owner of the motorcycle and never will claim anything to the organization.

-   The applicant must be always responsible for possible delays in shipping schedules, flights or others similar.


    Customer agrees to cooperate with the organization of IMM Rent and Tours in the event of any potential drawbacks in services who for various reasons may arise and that Rodanthe Moto Tours solved according to current regulations.
     In the event of any complaint, the customer must immediately inform the Roadleader or organization to try to fix it as soon as possible.
      Any claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days after completion of the contracted tour or path.


    Summarizing the rules of the contract, by signing, the customer agrees that assumes the risk posed motorcycling and tour / route with her. He agrees that while IMM Rent and Tous be responsible for certain contracted services for individuals, may arise from unforeseen drawbacks then why not be asked liability.
     Neither can demand to Rodanthe Moto Tours for the bad behavior of other participants in the tours. Also, any signatory must comply with relevant traffic and go in groups.
      The customer admits to being healthy and meet the requirements for the trip by motorcycle.

     Rodanthe Moto Tours reserves the right at any typographical or translation errors.


       In organizing our trips / tours are included in a travel insurance tour. Look and see the services included in each of them. Rodanthe Moto Tours recommends that all clients purchase separate insurance otherwise they can cover against possible eventualities.


      During a tour, the rental period of a vehicle or of the trip will not be interrupted by inacapacity to ride a motorcycle the lessee or by any other reason.


    The photos and videos made by Rodanthe Moto Tours for travel are property and copyright also belongs. This can include pictures of the participants and in such case would not need your permission to publish them.